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It was in my blood, incubating, until 1981, when I was still living in my homeland state of Israel.

Back then, I was introduced to clay and ecstatically made my first portrait. At that historic moment, it was as if a giant torch had been ignited in me, which has continued burning ever since. I was a practicing psychologist at the time and my art focused mainly on creating figurative sculptures in clay that depicted the endless variety of human expressions. I am still mesmerized by that richness and have never tired of depicting it.

In 1999 I moved to the United States and until 2003 my art remained focused around psychological content. During that period I was influenced by my preferred cubic artists Barlach and Archipenko.

In 2005 I opened myself to abstraction through paintings and photography. I started with painting of sculptures and switched to sculpting paintings. My strong tactile need, in addition to a big attraction to paints and colors, made me an eager explorer of different new materials. This enabled me to integrate painting and sculpting. Coinciding with this change, I moved my focus from human expressions to depicting experiences.

I am now interested in both abstract and representational art, depicting human psychology and the beauty of nature which continually inspire my imagination and creativity. My current art manifests an integration of my psychological self with my visual and tactile self. It is further inspired by the experience of constantly moving back and forth between two countries. This lifestyle has created two different, yet complementing muses, that cultivate my evolving artistic outlook.

Recent last years I am very much into Photography.My photography is mostly about the less-seen abstract beauty of nature.
My goal is to get effects of paintings through photography.
Nature is my main artistic inspiration.I find nature a source of serenity,beauty,awe,strength,resilience.
A walk in nature is for me like a visit to a wonderful huge museum of art.
I admire the forms and compositions of nature.
I admire how it changes each season,wearing different style of beauty.
I admire the twist from blooming to decay,and all stages in between.I find all of them tremendously fascinating.

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